Games & Concepts

A quick overview of what we've done so far. Our games and projects are listed here. Glattoboy is currently in development.


Release: tba

Glattoboy is the new 2D Action-Adventure from Hellforge Entertainment. It plays in a far away Galaxy that mixes all the things you 80s and 90s kids loved! Cartoons, Movies, Music and Games mixed with alien ancient cultures.

Prototypes & Jam Games


Syrtet is a platformer game where you escape the one room and the only way out is the way to the top. Created on the Ludum Dare 37 in 72h. Play the game in the browser.

Sir CrushAlot

Nutcracker Prince Sir Crushalot had a hefty argument with his father, King Crushalotmore and started despite his nut allergy a life threatening quest. Can you help him to fullfill his legacy? Play the game and try to beat our Scores.

Two fingers of death

Two Fingers of Death - The Legend of the flying iron paws had a hudge title and it was our third ludum dare jam game. You can check it out on your smartphone and desktop. Simply click the gamepad button and play for yourself.


Soulorb is based on our first Ludum Dare entry: "Soul Orb - LD Edition" Its a topdown dungeon crawler with a special gameplay mechanic based around the "Soulorb". The fighting is a mix between Zelda and Arkanoid

Pug Life

Puglife was the first game of hellforge. It was a mobile game and manly build for a the course of a term paper. Maybe we will pick it up again in the future and finish it for a full release on mobile devices.


Pimpslap was one of our first little prototype games. Unfortunatly we never released it. It was based around two mechanics. Slaping and pimpin!